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May 2019 exhibition: 

Collected and Shared: 30 Years of Collecting, 10 Years of Nihon no hanga

In spring 2019 it has been ten years since the doors first opened for Nihon no hanga. For Elise Wessels, collecting started thirty years ago, when frequent trips to Japan sparked an interest in Japanese prints. These two milestones are celebrated in the exhibition Collected and Shared, which will present how the collection came together.

Elise Wessels will reflect upon a number themes that have shaped the development of the Nihon no hanga treasury, through the lens of our past exhibitions. As guardians of this collection, it is our duty to warrant the quality of the prints by limiting their exposure to light. The examples used in the exhibitions in Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris therefore needed to be excluded from this exhibition. Fortunately with the holdings now exceeding 2000 woodblock prints and d books, we can still illustrate Nihon no hanga’s journey through the history of the collection. Collected and Shared will not only be a study of our exploration of 20th century Japanese prints, but will also show the recent trends of expansion as well as what the future might hold for Nihon no hanga. We end the exhibition with the Director’s most personal treasures. For the past few years she has been privately collecting contemporary Japanese art by female artists. These works have not been included in the catalogue, but are on display on the top floor of the museum.

The accompanying exhibition guide (in English) contains details of all prints in this exhibition. It will be available for purchase at the museum for € 7,50.

Opening times
Collected and Shared can be seen during our open weekends in May 2019.
We will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00-16:00 hrs.
Reservations are not required on our open days.
To enter the museum, please ring the doorbell.

Please note we are not open on Friday 31 May.

Guided tours (in Dutch)
Every Friday in November at 14.00 hrs (with the exception of Friday 31 May)
Tickets: € 10,00 p.p.(booklet included).
The guided tour  will be given in Dutch. Tickets must be purchased in advance through Eventbrite.

Book announcement

With great pleasure Nihon no hanga presents the following publication:

Waves of renewal: modern Japanese prints, 1900 to 1960
Selections from the Nihon no Hanga collection, Amsterdam

Chris Uhlenbeck, Amy Reigle Newland and Maureen de Vries

Waves of renewal traces the history of Japanese printmaking following an era of decline beginning in the late nineteenth century. The early twentieth century witnessed the emergence of two principal printmaking movements. The first—shin hanga (new print)—reinvented and revitalised the conventional genres of landscape, beauties and actors. Shin hanga adhered to a traditional production method that was based on the cooperation between artist, block-cutter, printer and publisher. At the same time, it strove to forge a new visual language in both style and technique. The second—sōsaku hanga (creative print)—was inspired by the dialogue between Western and Japanese art and aesthetics. In the main, sōsaku hanga adherents advocated the participation of the artist in the entire creative process from design to production.

Waves of renewal is the most comprehensive publication to date to focus on the holdings of the Nihon no hanga collection in Amsterdam. The 277 prints included showcase the sophistication of shin hanga and the boldness of sōsaku hanga. An introductory essay sets the stage, followed by ten shorter essays by noted scholars in the field that centre on aspects integral to our understanding of early to mid-twentieth century Japanese printmaking. Each print is documented and annotated in the extensive catalogue section.
This book coincided with the very successful exhibition 'Modern Japanese prints: 1910-1960' held at the Baur Foundation - Museum of Far Eastern Art in Geneva, Switzerland from 3 March - 22 May 2016.

Chris Uhlenbeck; Amy Reigle Newland; Shōichirō Watanabe; Setsuko Abe; Kendall H. Brown; Mikiko Hirayama; Junko Nishiyama; Chiaki Ajioka; Noriko Kuwahara; Kiyoko Sawatari; Maureen de Vries

Publication Date: March 2016
Format: Hardback
Pages, Illustr.: 320 pp.; ca. 380 color illus.
Imprint: Hotei Publishing
Language: English

This book is available for sale in the museum during our open weekends for the reduced price of Euro 55 (RRP Euro 65), or can be bought through Brill.

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